Spring Challenge Results!!!

Holy smokes now we’re talking! Our New Year’s Challenge was good but after tweaking a few things, emphasizing nutrition and yelling at motivating some clients – the results from the Spring Challenge were outstanding!

weigth loss meme


Challenge Overview

This time around we had 15 participants for the challenge which started April 4th and finished up June 6th. In April we measured everyone’s bodyweight, a maximum bench press and tested their endurance either with a Airdyne 1 mile ride (which I call the 1 mile of joy and good feelings) or a 6 tenth of a mile run outside.

Everyone put $50 into a pot for some financial motivation. To get your money back you had to improve all 3 categories (only exception were a few people that already had no weight to lose), with 1 bonus point for completing 30 days of a Paleo/Whole 30 diet.


  • Well to start, as a group we lost 103 POUNDS total!!! That’s an average of 3.8% of body weight lost!
  • Everyone’s bench press improved. Because some jumped up 10-20 pounds and others just went up in total reps done at that weight, percentage improved was impossible for me to quantify (3rd grade math skills)
  • All but 2 participants endurance measures improved as well with an average of 11.2%
  • 6 people completed the Paleo/Whole 30 challenge for at least a month.

Some interesting data

  • In case you missed what I said earlier. In total we lost A HUNDID AN THREE POUNDS (done in my Chris Rock voice)!!!!
  • The 6 people that completed the Paleo/Whole 30 challenge for at least a month lost on average 5.4% while the 9 that didn’t lost 2.2%. (both good by the way)
  • Wendi Sleezer had the biggest improvements out of all women in the group. With a loss of 6.5% bodyweight, while hitting triple digits in the bench press (105×2 reps!!!) and improving her run by 15% (almost a minute faster)!!! Oh and she got her husband to drink the paleo/whole 30 kool-aid (ironic) and together they lost around 30 pounds!

Finding the winner was actually a pretty tough decision. Everyone had some improvement but a handful of people really killed it.

Like I said earlier, Wendi kicked ass and made some huge improvements. Just recently she started doing Turkish Get Ups with the 40 pound kettlebell too! Unfortunately she never let’s me take pictures of her. Now that she’s getting so strong I’m not going to get on her bad side either.

How about Joe and Nikki’s improvements?! As a couple they lost 23 pounds even with cutting the challenge a week short for their honeymoon. Great job to these two!

joe and nikki before sidejoe and nikki after side



joe and nikki before frontjoe and nikki after front




Overall Winner

bob c before and after front


bob c before and after side


First off how about some props for my photoshop skills?! I was able to cut him out and paste him back to back so you could get an idea of how much different he looks in just under 2 months. And unlike the cover models that are airbrushed, I did not change anything. Those results are all natural baby!

How about that for 2 months?!

  • Bob lost a total of 26.25 pounds in 2 months (-9.5% Bodyweight)
  • Added 40 pounds to his bench press. He went from 155×1 to 195×1 (he’s still pissed he didn’t get 205)
  • Went from a 1 mile Airdyne time of 3:07 to 2:46 (11.2% improvement)
  • Followed the Whole 30 for almost the entire 2 months.

If you think you’re too out of shape or there’s no hope, I’m sure Bob would tell you just how quickly you can turn your fitness around with some simple changes. Lift weights 2-3 times/week, eat real foods and just recently added in some run/walks at nature preserves. He also just competed in his first rugby match in 17 years.

bob c rugby

Looking good in those shorts Bob! Congrats on killing this challenge!!! For his efforts, Bob won 1 month of free training.

Thank you to all my clients that participated in this challenge. I can’t wait to do the next one!






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