Spark Spring Fitness Challenge 2016


March 28th – June 4th

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Our fitness challenges are always a fun time. They help us to focus on what we want to achieve in the next few months and then incentivizes us to work towards it. Not to mention the camaraderie and accountability of doing a fitness challenge with a group of friends.

I’ve found Spring to be the very best time for these challenges. For some reason last year’s Spring Challenge was quite a bit more successful than the Fall or New Year’s. With some of the changes we have made to the format this time I think this will be the best one yet! I think partially it’s our body’s natural cycle of shedding our winter weight or the fact that you know you will have to wear a swimsuit on a beach soon. Either way, NOW is the best time to make a change!


  • It’s $50/person to enter and this year half of that is going to a local charity (to be determined)
  • Everyone will receive a free Spark Spring Fitness Challenge t-shirt
  • One winner will be drawn in a raffle to win the Grand Prize of a $500 travel voucher for you to use on your trip to anywhere you would like. Travel tip: stay away from Nebraska in the Summer… well pretty much stay away from Nebraska.
  • Runner up prize is a $50 Chipotle gift card.
  • You will earn an entry into the raffle by completing the following
    • Choose no more than 2 goals (aesthetic and/or performance). These should be specific, measurable, achievable, realistic but fairly challenging. These can be outcome (what you want to have happen) or process goals (the small steps it takes to hit your outcome goal). You will receive one entry for each goal met.
    • The person with the biggest percentage of body weight lost will receive 1 extra entry
    • Refer a friend and they sign up for a 30 day trial (1 entry for each person). You will be getting referral cards by the end of the week so you can start bugging your friends to join you at the gym.
    • Follow the Whole30 meal plan for one month and receive 2 extra entries. Every time someone follows this they see significant results. Program details will be in a packet of challenge information to help guide you through your month.

There will be sign up sheets posted on the Spark News board in the gym by the end of the week.

Also, if you would like to up your membership until the end of the challenge, it will only cost $50 extra to go to an unlimited number of classes and open gyms.

This challenge is open to Spark members only. We will be competing along with you guys but Choli, family members and I are ineligible to win any prizes. Although if you win and want to take me on your trip I believe that will be legal.

The contest will officially start March 28th and finish up on June 4th. All weighing in and fitness testing is done no earlier than March 28th. Final weigh in’s will be no earlier than June 1st and finished by June 4th.

More tips and info coming soon.

Expect Success



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