I frequently get asked the same questions so I thought I would just post my answers for you to read. If you have a question I forgot please send it to me.



Q: Should I be scared?


Answer: Of spiders… yes absolutely! But scared of the workout, no way! The workouts are designed to challenge you but only at the edge of your ability, not way beyond it. I try to come up with workouts that have several progressions and regressions. So if you’re just starting out you can possibly do a body weight squat while someone that has been with me for a while might be doing a single leg squat on a box with a Kettlebell. If your current workout routine doesn’t incorporate some kind of regressions- RUN!



Q: Will lifting weights make me too bulky?



spark bulky flowchart

Muscles are kind of like money or clean laundry. If you are not constantly on top of them you will lose it quickly. The body adapts to what you throw at it so if you’re telling it to get strong you will get stronger (but not just by building muscle, by increasing neural connections).

If you want to get leaner lifting weights are a great way to stimulate the hormone release needed for fat loss. If you want big muscles you need the right amount of hormones (most women don’t have enough for significant hypertrophy)  plus lifting weights in a certain rep range (some where around 8-15 reps). So if you find yourself getting too bulky you can try to either change the training loads or volume and the muscles will respond.



Q: Do you have any cardio equipment?


Answer: I sure do! A Sled, Airdyne Bike, Battle Ropes, KettleBells, Suspension Trainer, Treadmill, and the best piece of equipment ever… Your Own Bodyweight!

Almost every training session has some kind of conditioning (cardio) component to it. Conditioning is one of the areas that I’ve really been putting a lot of effort in studying. I like to give you a wide variety of exercises and vary the demands on your cardiac system to ensure you’re developing in a healthy way.

Studies show that just steadily jogging on a treadmill or elliptical machine are not the most effective way to burn fat. If you want maximum results you need to take advantage of the hormone release from lifting weights with intensity.

I just wrote a blog article that touches on many of these points if you would like to read it.



Q: Can you give me a meal plan?


Answer: Since I’m not a registered dietitian I can’t tell you exactly what to eat or try to cure any illnesses with certain foods. I believe I can give you suggestions though. Usually several times a year I will challenge you for a month to eliminate certain foods (like processed, man-made things) or to eat a salad for lunch the entire month. I think this is the better way to go about this for most people anyways.

I try to follow a Paleo-ish diet. What’s a Paleo-ish diet you ask? Well I don’t get all religious about it like some people do. I won’t fight you if you eat gluten. I don’t hate you because you love dairy.

Paleo-ish is just trying to eat real foods almost all of the time. I’ve done the strict Paleo diet for a few months at a time and the results were F&@*ing magic. Seriously people typically lean out, reduce hunger cravings, find they have much more energy, cures cancer… well maybe not that far. But really look into it and then evaluate what you’re currently eating. If your refrigerator looks like this


and nothing like this


it may be time to start cleaning up your diet.



Q: Will I have to exercise with other people?


Answer: Probably unless you’re looking for personal training. The Small Group Training isn’t nearly as intimidating as some may think. I offer new clients 2 weeks of a Fundamentals Class to get them up to speed so the transition to the group is smooth. Fundamentals Class is during the Open Gym (6:30pm M/T/Th), where I will show you all the essential exercises.

Q: What amenities does the gym offer?

Answer: I have clean towels for you and a refrigerator stocked with FREE bottled water for all my clients. Since we’re just a small gym I’m kind of particular who my clients are. You won’t have a bunch of those creepy guys looking at you while you’re exercising – just me and I’m not that creepy. Pinky swear.

What it lacks in showers, smoothie bars and tanning beds it makes up for in smart training and community.

Q: How much do you charge?

Answer: Well it depends. I have a ton of different options for you to choose from. Depending on if you would like to try it out a handful of times or commit to a longer agreement, small group training or 1 on 1 personal training the prices can range from $65 per hour to around $10 a session. Try finding prices like that for high quality training.


Q: What makes your training different than others?


Answer: Unfortunately training is just like many other professions. There are really good car mechanics out there that keep up on the latest technology and use the right tools. Then there are other mechanics that haven’t evolved their skills since cars still had carburetors.

The exercise industry has been totally revolutionized in the past decade. There are unbelievably intelligent people figuring out better ways to train the human body all of the time. Then there are trainers who still are stuck in the 70’s when it comes to training.

I hear all too often and have seen first hand many trainers getting paid top dollar to watch their clients walk on a treadmill and use archaic machines. One client just recently told me about the last trainer that had her doing random exercises she found on Pinterest.

Seriously ask your trainer why they have selected any particular exercise and if they can’t come up with a good answer then find a new trainer.

I’m interested obsessed with reading, attending seminars and learning from great coaches. In the past year I attended 3 training conferences, earned 2 new training certifications, interned with a great coach for 8 months, bought 3 training DVD’s, read 6 books and hundreds, possibly thousands of blog articles and research on exercise.



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