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The past month my work and life has just gotten busier and busier. I’m not complaining, in fact it’s great! But if you know me well you probably are aware I’m not the most organized person you have ever met.


For the first 4 months of running my business, all of my to do lists, appointments, clients, etc… have been written on scratch paper and sticky notes. Just getting in the habit of writing something down does wonders for you actually remembering to do something. BUT, this only works for so long and then you get too busy and inevitably start forgetting losing your mind.


sticky notes


Finally I’ve started to use my smart phone for more than checking my Facebook updates and my friends latest Instagram picture. It turns out that you can use your phone to help you do many things like eat better, sleep better, focus better, relax better, ummm productivity better. So I thought I would share with you a few of the apps I’ve been using and hopefully they will help you as well.


1. Day’s To Live – Death Clock

This one is the most simple, my favorite and definitely the most morbid.

death clock

You install this as a widget on your phone and everyday it counts down your expected days left on this planet. Right now I’m feeling good that I have potentially around 14,000 days left, but as I start getting into the 4 and 3 digit numbers I would imagine it could get real depressing. This is just a simple reminder to me everyday to make this day count. It shouldn’t take a silly, free app to remind me but sometimes that’s what it takes.




2. Tap Test

Evaluate your state of fatigue

tap test

I’ve been looking at Heart Rate Variability (HRV) monitors for a while now but haven’t bought one yet. I came across an interview with strength coach Dan John where he talked about an old school method of testing using the space bar on a computer and a timer. The more times you could hit the space bar in that time the higher your state of readiness. So essentially you are looking at the same thing but just done in a much more simple way, and for free (sweet!).

I’m actually amazed at how accurate this is based on my own perception of how I feel. You can see the sharp spikes and drops in the above graph. They actually correspond to the level of sleep I got the night before and/or if I had a big workout the day before.

Alright cool I have a graph with a bunch of lines on it, wtf do I do with that? Well actually it depends. If you noticed several days where your can’t come close to a high score you will probably want to put a little more emphasis on sleep and chillaxing. Maybe foam roll, go for an easy walk, meditate, and take a warm candle lit bubble bath. After a few days of your score being down you may want to skip that big butt kicking workout you had planned and wait until you can get that score up a little higher. Give it a try, especially for all the athletes, endurance junkies and people that don’t sleep nearly enough. This might help you prioritize your recovery instead of just constantly pushing through.




3. Lift

An app designed to help you remember those things you constantly forget and develop good habits.



This one is something I just installed a few days ago but so far has done what I’ve wanted. Do you forget to take your vitamin D and Fish Oil pills? Add that to Lift and it will send you a reminder at certain times of the day if you don’t check in to let it know you remembered. So you could set one that reminds you to eat healthy, wake up, meditate, write in your journal, practice your guitar, or get off of Twitter and back to work. Some say it takes 21 days to create a habit, so stick with this for at least this long to see if it works for you.




4. Head Space

A guided meditation app



I really like this one. I’ve only used the free 10 day guided meditation lessons but it really helps to chill you out, focus your energy and just make you feel good. Hopefully soon I’ll purchase some more lessons and dive into this much more. So many super high performing people swear by meditation to start their day. Meditation isn’t just something that hippies do. Train that brain then go train your body!




5. Podcast Addict

A good app to find all your favorite podcasts


podcast addict


Since I don’t have an iPhone and use iTunes I have tried several different apps to get my daily podcast fix. I was using Stitcher for a long time but just recently it became so freaking slow that it is almost unusable. I searched Google for other apps and Podcast Addict was highly recommended. So far, so good.

Seriously if your commute to work is spent listening to Katy Perry and Iggy Azalea then it’s time to turn off the radio and search for some podcasts that interest you. There are so many good shows to listen to and if you’re wanting to learn just about anything you will find it on podcasts. How is this a fitness app? Well I listen to it while I walk around the neighborhood, go on bike rides, Airdyne bike, doing housework and mowing the lawn. It just helps pass time while learning about something interesting. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – Podcasts have taught me waaaay more than my 4 years of high school.




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