Should We Be Keeping Score Of Children’s Games? And Other Tips To Coach Your Kids.
  *If you’re easily offended by stereotypes and a few bad words then this article is not for you. Also, if you make it to the end of the article I announce a new class for children.   Little Timmy comes up to bat. It’s the last chance for Timmy’s baseball team to score and
Spring Challenge Results!!!
Holy smokes now we’re talking! Our New Year’s Challenge was good but after tweaking a few things, emphasizing nutrition and yelling at motivating some clients – the results from the Spring Challenge were outstanding!
Fix your painful Shoulders (Part 1)
Probably the two most common places on the body that will at some point become painful are the low back and shoulders. Often times the low back pain can be quelled fairly quickly for some people. Shoulders on the other hand seem to be just a little more tricky. Let me show you why and
3 Awesome Power Building Exercises
In every sport there is some need to be powerful. Power is the rate in which work is done. Do if you moved 200 pounds of work (load) in a half a second you are more powerful than moving 500 pounds in 2 seconds. This is super important to maximize when your sport requires jumping, sprinting, and
3 Simple Things To Reduce Pain And Feel Better
Yesterday I listened to the Paleo Solution Podcast featuring a biomechanist Katy Bowman. I found so many nuggets of great information from this interview. She has a way to break down really complicated subjects of how your body works into digestible information that most people will understand. She also has a great website with many blog posts that deal
Does it matter how many calories you burn?
“Flatten, Shape, Tone, Lengthen, Rip, Ripped, Ripping, Burn, High Intensity, HIIT, Tabata, Metcon, Muscle Confusion, Blah, Blah Blah”   These are some of the terms used to convince us to think a workout is either going to give us those results and/or a super sexy name to make it sound cool. Often times you can’t
It’s that time of year.
Holiday weight lifting tips from Susan our Elf on the shelf
If you have children, chances are you have a magical mischievous elf that visit’s you during the holidays. Have you ever seen one that is out of shape? Me either. Our elf Susan even has a terrible sugar habit. She has eaten our cookies, cupcakes and I believe hit rock bottom yesterday. We found her eating
Life And Fitness Apps
The past month my work and life has just gotten busier and busier. I’m not complaining, in fact it’s great! But if you know me well you probably are aware I’m not the most organized person you have ever met.   For the first 4 months of running my business, all of my to do
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Athlete Case Study
Oh hey there! It’s been a little while since I’ve written a new article. I’ve been focusing my attention to writing on my BMX training website, but I thought I would share some of the results that I just had with a recent client in the gym. Background 17 year old girl Volleyball athlete looking
Client Spotlight – Mitch Burke
I would say out of all success stories that we have had at Spark, none are better than this one! Let me tell you why. I started working with Mitch and his family 2 years ago. At first Mitch was not too stoked to be in the gym. It was difficult at first because being
Hey parents, knock it off with the snacks!
Being a parent is really tough. Actually, being a really good parent is really tough. We need to make sure they’re sleeping enough, getting to school on time, pick them up, drive them to games and activities, feed them, do homework and get them to bed. That’s a lot of stuff that has to happen
Why The Balloons?
For the past month I have had my clients blowing up a ton of balloons. Although some just go with the flow, others ask – Why the heck are we doing this?! Great question I want to start by saying that the body is very complex. There is a ton of stuff that I don’t understand.
Check Out My Interview On The Healthy Living Podcast
I was just interviewed for The Healthy Living Podcast with Eric Su and we talked about designing workouts to fit your needs. If you’re interested in hearing more about how I approach designing workouts and training plans then you will like this one. Podcasts are my favorite way of learning. I swear I’ve learned more
Should You Stretch Tight Muscles? No.
Well, probably not. Most of the time, the muscles we perceived as tight are already stretched too long. Stretching the tight muscle is most likely not the solution to long-term relief You may be doing more harm than good by arbitrarily stretching things. Good thing is the body is very resilient and can improve quickly

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