Pain in the neck? Stretch it out!
Last week I started training for something called the Tactical Strength Challenge. Essentially it’s a competition who can do the heaviest deadlift, most pull ups and the highest number of kettlebell snatches. So no biggie right?                    
Reducing the risk of knee injuries in Athletes
Every year it seems kids play outside less and less but they start playing physical sports earlier. As parents we think this is a good thing that they are getting outside and exercising. Unfortunately all too often they are getting injured in practice and on the field. For female athletes, you’re 4-6 times more likely to
A little something different for today’s workout
Most kids are not big fans of a traditional structured workout and for good reason, they can be boring! Today my client Jayson and I worked on some different exercises that resemble play. If you have a tough time getting your kids to exercise it may be time to think outside of the box and
Tour of my training studio
In this video I take you on a tour of my training studio. I show you some of the different equipment I use in my workouts. No matter what shape you’re in, with an ok from your doctor, we can find a way to give a good workout. The video is about 10 minutes long
How to do Push Ups
Hey guys just a quick post with a few tips to doing push ups like a boss. Some (most) do this basic exercise with poor technique. Give my way a try and see what you think. Remember just because it’s harder doesn’t make it worse.  
Mandatory reading for successful exercise
I just read a fantastic blog post from Bret Contreras called “10 Things all beginners should know”.
Lecture on phases of training and how it relates to growth spurts
Hey everyone, I just listened to this really good lecture on long term athletic development. For those of you whom have young children interested in sports this is a perfect lecture to listen to. It’s done for golfers but I believe it applies to every sport.   
Never eat another terrible salad!
    Today I was in a rush. So I threw a bunch of Iceberg lettuce, can of tuna, red and yellow bell peppers, onions, salt, pepper and olive oil in tupperware for lunch. 8 hours later it was time to eat my concoction.   It may have been the worst salad ever created in
      “Move like I used to & Stronger than I’ve ever been”
   I would like to welcome you to my first fitness blog. I thought for my first one I would go into why my mission statement is “Move like I used to & Stronger than I’ve ever been”. This isn’t some ridiculous corporate mission statement that doesn’t mean anything. This is the simplest way to describe
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Athlete Case Study
Oh hey there! It’s been a little while since I’ve written a new article. I’ve been focusing my attention to writing on my BMX training website, but I thought I would share some of the results that I just had with a recent client in the gym. Background 17 year old girl Volleyball athlete looking
Just wanted to update all of you on the change of the gym schedule for July and the first two weeks of August. I’m taking a week off for vacation at the end of the month. I will be heading to somewhere near Tijuana, Mexico with fellow gym members Adam and Meg, to go and help
Client Spotlight – Mitch Burke
I would say out of all success stories that we have had at Spark, none are better than this one! Let me tell you why. I started working with Mitch and his family 2 years ago. At first Mitch was not too stoked to be in the gym. It was difficult at first because being
Hey parents, knock it off with the snacks!
Being a parent is really tough. Actually, being a really good parent is really tough. We need to make sure they’re sleeping enough, getting to school on time, pick them up, drive them to games and activities, feed them, do homework and get them to bed. That’s a lot of stuff that has to happen
Why The Balloons?
For the past month I have had my clients blowing up a ton of balloons. Although some just go with the flow, others ask – Why the hell are we doing this?! Great question I want to start by saying that the body is very complex. There is a ton of stuff that I don’t understand.
Early Morning Workout
  5-7 AM          Tuesday-Friday   Starts May 3rd Follow along group workout or… Custom, monthly programs written just for you This is perfect for the time crunched morning people. Come in and get your workout done on your own schedule. Perfect for athletes Special membership deals! Free coffee (yeah we will

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