Be Kind To Your Future Self


tall weeds
If you’re anything like me you have probably said to yourself – I really need to clean up my yard, rake the leaves and mow the grass, but I’ll do it tomorrow. Then a week later you have weeds the size of trees that look like something you would find in the tropical rain forests of Brazil growing in your backyard in the middle of Illinois. How does this happen?

Well if we would have just done it when we first thought about it, we wouldn’t have to machete down the vegetation in our lawns. Of course I would never let this happen to my pristine lawn (well sometimes) as I’m just using this for an analogy. In this analogy we can replace weeds and long grass with about anything: Homework, oil change, cleaning our house, and of course nutrition and exercise.

A quick Google search tells me that I’m in good company. Other notable procrastinators (funny I wrote that as if I’m notable) in history would be the likes of The Dalai Lama, Frank Lloyd Wright, Marcus Aurelius and former president Bill Clinton.
bill clinton
Procrastination is probably the number one thing I wish I could change about myself. The good news is I CAN CHANGE it, but it’s tough when you have developed life long habits.
I’ve totally fallen into the habit of putting things off, subconsciously thinking that someone else will do it. Well, more than likely that someone else will never come and do it. That someone else is future Jake.
Our brains many times don’t realize that our current self and our future are the same person. I believe this is the reason why procrastinating is just so easy to do.
So to change these bad habits it may help you to ask yourself this –

Am I being kind to my future self?

Let’s Practice 

It’s 8 pm and the dishes are piled up and you have to be up early for work tomorrow. Do them now or get up 30 minutes early?  Ask yourself – am I being kind to my future self. 

I could workout now or just wait until tomorrow.  Ask yourself – am I being kind to my future self. 

I’ll just eat this container of Oreo’s, Cherry Garcia Ice Cream and wash it down with a 6 pack of Old Milwaukee tonight but on Monday I will start eating better. Ask yourself – am I being kind to my future self.

Sometimes a particular concept or coaching cue doesn’t resonate with everyone the same way. As someone that coaches people to lift weights and move their bodies, I learned that you better have at least several ways to describe a certain movement.

For instance: To teach Deadlifts I will usually ask people if they have ever mooned anyone before. They always say no and act like I’m weird for asking but then when they perform the exercise just how I wanted I know that they have mooned a person or two in their day.


Good Deadlift form Homer! Another way you can teach this is to instruct them to soften the knees and imagine closing your car door with your butt.

One of these coaching cues will usually work for most people but if not I have other ways to teach it.

So if “being kind to your future self” doesn’t totally resonate, I want you to try this one out.


Picture all the s#*t you need to get done as a physical object that you’re carrying around on your back.

You can either keep carrying that around with you or you can get it done now and lighten your load. Not only is this an appropriate analogy for your dirty laundry or homework, but it’s an even better one for your nutrition and exercise habits.

Now not only are you carrying around all of these tasks that need to get done but you’re literally hauling your own extra weight around caused by eating 7,500 calories on a binge day and skipping workouts for the past week.



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