5 Reasons You’re NOT Losing Fat

First off if losing fat were just as easy as following 5 steps I would most likely be out of a job. Being successful at burning that stubborn love handle or under-arm fat is no easy task unless you have all your ducks in a row. To achieve the body of your dreams many things must line up.

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REASON 1 – Not having the right goals.

The biggest part of body composition improvement is almost always the emotional/mental side. When your mind is right and you’re focused on something that is important to you everything else just seems to fall into place.

The thing I’ve noticed that makes it tough is that everyone is different. Some people thrive when they are in competition with others and have a specific end date (this is me).

Others are better off just improving slowly by changing one or two things at a time. So if you throw a new weight lifting program and a strict diet at them all at once it will be too much for them. They do better at slowly replacing their normal lunch of a Big Mac, fries and a milkshake with a salad and keeping the rest of their routine the same.

Figuring out what kind of person you are will really help get your mental side right.

Regardless of what kind of person you tend to be, now it’s time to set some goals!

Ask yourself what you want to achieve. Then ask yourself when you want to achieve it by. Now here’s the tough one – why do you want this?

If your answer is

“because I have my second cousins wedding this summer and want to look good in my dress”

this isn’t powerful enough. Dig a little deeper.

Why do you want to look good in that dress? What are the underlying emotional feelings for feeling uncomfortable right now? What if your reason is not even for you? How about for your children or parents or whatever…

I like to ask this hypothetical question – Imagine you come home and your house is on fire. Would you go in and try to save your new 60″ flat screen TV? Probably not.

Now how about the house is on fire and you have $10,000 sitting on your bed, are you going in now? Probably not.

Now you get home and your house is on fire but you know your kids are stuck in that house. It’s the same fire, same house, just a different motivation that will push us to do whatever it takes.

Looking good in a dress is nice but being a strong, healthy roll model for your children, spouse, family is much more powerful. Sometimes doing things for yourself is the best thing you can do for someone else.

Be Significant!

REASON 2. Your eat and sleep like a teenager

For your body to burn fat effectively you need to establish a good hormonal balance. You will have a really tough time doing this eating 3 bowls of Rice Crispies and drinking a gallon of Sunny D for breakfast. And if you stayed up super late watching TV last night good luck having the energy it takes to get in a workout the next day.

We all were taught this by 5th grade but this is the foundation for looking and feeling good. Simple for me to say but not always simple for everyone to do… work on it!

REASON 3. You worry about the small things

We all know this person. This person is gluten free, dairy free, soy free, GMO free, nut free, legume free, locally sourced, grass fed only, superfood junkie, and then still somehow manages to find junk food that’s masked as something healthy.

Do things like GMO’s and organic matter? I don’t know for sure. Depending on who funds which study the science seems to be all over the place.

food pyramid












First focus on the BIG things. Did you eat enough protein? Have you had any veggies today? Actually have you had any veggies this week? Be honest! How about good fats? Have you drank enough water? This is where the results come from not the little things.

healthy food

Because I love automotive analogies. Worrying about GMO’s, Organics, etc… first – is like someone that buys new chrome rims for their car while the engine is burning oil and needs needs new brakes.


REASON 4. Your doing the wrong stuff in the gym

Most people already know that diet is the biggest piece of this puzzle but you can really expedite the process with the right plan. To prove my point here is just one of many studies that show how important DIET + EXERCISE is on improving body composition.

Year long study of 439 obese women (avg. 58 years old, 47% fat)


  • Diet alone – 8.5%
  • Exercise alone – 2.4%
  • Diet plus exercise – 10.8%
  • Control – 0.8%

If you’re like me you probably saw a 2.4% body fat reduction and thought – well that’s not much for a year of work.

By looking at the methods of the study, the researchers used mostly moderate intensity aerobic exercise to train the women. If you ever travel into your traditional gyms you will notice that this is one of the most popular methods of all gym goers. The problem is it doesn’t really work.

Slow steady cardio is a great thing for your heart, reducing stress, etc. but it’s not very useful for burning fat.

You may say I’m full of BS but I have science to back me up.


I know someone will say that they have lost weight from running on a treadmill. Just remember that weight and body composition are two different things. This study tested long distance runners for 7 days. After 6 days the average weight loss was 6.1% however 82% of that weight loss came from muscle loss.

So if just being lighter is your goal then running is fine but if you want to look better then you would probably be better off lifting some weights too.

How about 1 more study. This study is really amazing.

20 weeks of endurance training vs. 15 weeks of interval training showed that endurance training burnt over 2x the calories (28,661) that the interval group burnt (13,614). But the interval trained group showed a NINE TIMES greater loss in subcutaneous fat than the endurance group!


REASON 5. Curling 2 pound pink dumbbells will not burn fat

Every single person I train does NOT use anything less than a 5 pound dumbbell ever and really the only time I ever give them a 5 pound weight is just so they have something to hold onto as they learn an exercise. Once a person develops an understanding of the movement and establishes control we load the exercise.

You want to find the sweet spot where it challenges you to the point where it’s difficult, you can move it with some expression of speed but with good control.

Control + power + done quickly = helps to stimulate excess post-exercise oxygen consumption (EPOC) and EPOC is what burns fat for hours and days after the workout has ended.

Here’s just one way you can structure your workouts to help burn fat. Find a couple exercises that are challenging that use many muscles at once and you do well, then do them with as much speed as you can while being in total control. Then repeat.


Let’s wrap this sucka up

  1. Get a freakin goal!
  2. Start eating and sleeping like an adult
  3. Focus on the big things first
  4. Do the right things in the gym
  5. Do those right things with intensity – sweat!

Once you get good at these 5 things then you can start worrying about other things, but you probably won’t need to.


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